Pribot’s offspring

Pribot represents the golden French x Russian cross that ensures correct confirmation, performance, stamina and willingness to work.

Today, Pribot has 43 offspring, most of them too young to compete at high level yet, but he has
established himself by now as a producer of performance horses at the Swedish racetracks and in the endurance sport.

More information and regular updates can be found on the Facebook page Pribot and his offspring, or the Swedish FB pages Pribots avkommor. and Pribot .

Many of his offspring that went to the racetrack proved to be winners, such as:


2010, Pribot x Karetsa by Voronez Kossack
Racing results: 30 starts (6 – 2 – 6), winning her maiden race. 20% wins, 60% placed;
Endurance results: qualified for 80 km endurance when competition came to a halt due to Covid.

My Tout ou Rien

2013, Pribot x Alegria by Milagro
Racing results: 7 starts, 14% placed;
Endurance results: 2 x CEI 120 km completed in 2023, won an 80 km in 2023
Level 7 CEI** 120-139 km

El Dor Pribot

2011, Pribot x Eldorana by Eldorano
Racing results: 26 starts (2-6-4), winning his maiden race, 8% wins, 25% placed;
Endurance results: wins and placed several times in CEI 80 km.

What a Wonder

2011, Pribot x Wiljana Rocket by Lill Sham
Racing results: 32 starts (3-3-3), 9% wins, including the HH SHEIKHA FATIMA BINT MUBAREK LADIES IFAHR CUP over 2750 meters on grass
Endurance results: placed several times at 80 km

Lets Do It

2011, Pribot x Toot Sweet by Top Flyte
Racing results: 14 starts, 29% wins, 71% placed;
Endurance results: win at 50 km Swedish level 2, 50-79 km

What a Feeling

2012, Pribot x Wiljana Rocket by Lill Sham
Has been ridden by several riders, placed 3rd CEIYJ 1* 100 km, several wins and placed at 80 km.
Level 7 CEI** 120-139 km

My Noha

2012, Pribot x My Nora by Vokalist
Endurance results: placed 2nd in 2 CEI 100 km
Level 6 CEI* 80-119 km

My Gucci

2013, Pribot x Nymfa by Dilemat
Endurance results: placed 2nd and 6th CEIYJ 2* 120 km Swedish national championship Young Riders.
Level 7 CEI** 120-139 km


2014, Pribot x Wilmorin by Lill Sham
Racing results: 28 starts (2 -7 -3), 13% wins, 53% placed
Endurance results: First start in endurance 2023 finishing a 40 km


2011, Pribot x Vilmorin by Lill Sham
Endurance results: winner and placed at 80 km


2016, Pribot x Zinndy by Pankin
Endurance results: placed several times at 80 km
Level 3 Competition 80-119 km

Pribot’s young offspring: